Video FAQ

What do I need to be able to view the videos?

All the videos on this site require Flash Version 8 or above: Download Here

Anything else?

You’ll also need a computer with a monitor attached and a web browser installed. At least one working eye, and an ear or two will help, since a lot of them have audio as well as video.

I’m running Linux/BSD and the videos don’t work. Why?

Unfortunately, at the moment, Adobe have only produced Flash Version 7 for Linux. I have tried creating videos in a Flash 7 compatible format, but to get the same quality, the filesize has to be around 3 times larger.

Surely there’s a way to get them working in Linux?

Yep, there are at least two ways to get round this. You can install Firefox for Windows and Flash 8 or 9 for Windows under Wine. There’s also IEs4Linux, which will give you three different flavours of Internet Explorer as well as a Flash 8 plugin, again running under Wine.

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