More on the silly Wimbledon uniforms…

However silly they look from the front, it seems like the Wimbledon line-judges are quite likely to look much sillier from the back, according to various news sources.

So, Wimbledon’s choice to use an outside (foreign) company for the first time in their long history has resulted in them becoming a bit of a laughing stock, not only because the clothes look daft (it’s been suggested that they could double up as Butlins uniforms), but because the clothes fall to bits after a few minutes of normal use.

I’m pretty sure they’d have done better to run a competition for UK Art and Design colleges to create and manufacture a new uniform, rather than pay an alleged $10 million dollars to an American company for shoddy products.

Why you should wear a proper helmet.

I don’t actually know who the guy is in the above clip, but no-one I know would be stupid enough to attempt a trick like that without a full-face helmet on. I figure the amount that I paid for one of these is probably a lot less than getting a new set of front teeth fitted.

Now, I know what you’re thinking

Silly Uniform

You’re all thinking that I’m posting a photo of a pretty female tennis player, and with my past form I’m not sure I can blame you.

However, the real reason I’ve posted the above image is to point out just how silly the uniform is that the Wimbledon line judges are being forced to wear at this year’s competition. For a start, I don’t care that the uniforms are designed by Ralph Lauren, they just look daft. I keep expecting them to break into song and perform as the chorus line in some cheesey West End musical. And secondly, just how annoying must those white trousers and caps be for the tennis players?

Anyway, I promise that’s (probably) the first and last time there will be two sports-related posts on here in a single day. 🙂


I think we saw the best and the worst of Football last night.

The first part of this is David Beckham finally remembering how to take a free kick in the match against Ecuador and putting England through to the quarter finals of the World Cup.

The second part is a series of 3 clips from the Portugal vs Netherlands game that was to decide who England were going to meet in the aforementioned quarter final. It shows Figo headbutting another player, a fight almost starting after a cynical foul, and a Portuguese player acting like a 6 year old and not letting anyone else play with his ball.

Still, looking on the bright side, assuming Figo gets a ban for the headbutt, Portugal have lost most of their midfield players for the next match, so England should have an easy time of it next Saturday.

Oh, and I promise this is the last Football-related post (unless England get through to the final and win it, of course 🙂 )

And I thought that Hubble was a bit crap…

Some of the images here are pretty astounding. The perfect thing to look at on a Sunday morning when you’ve got a bit of a double-hangover.

The Orion Nebula

Happy Birthday to me!

30 today. I’m sure I’m supposed to get all morose and depressed today, but I’m actually in a shockingly good mood.

Blimey, that last post went a little bit viral…

It’s amazing what a few semi-fettered bouncing boobies will do to your popularity on t’interweb.

Thankfully, I get 1Tb+ of bandwidth per month on my account at DreamHost, so I’m unlikely to get charged extra. 🙂

Possibly the greatest TV advert ever made?

This advert for Lynx deodorant was shown on ITV1 last night just before the England World Cup match. Apparently, they’re only ever going to show it the once. Thankfully I caught it, as the quality of the version on Lynx’s own website just doesn’t do it justice, in my opinion. 😀

Update: Since people have been asking, the background music is “Dies Irae” from Karl Jenkins’ Album “Requiem”.