My stupid ex-ISP

I received this in an E-mail last week:

Dear Blah,

Your peak-time usage for this billing month just exceeded 10GB.

Light restrictions will now apply to your connection speeds until the end of the current billing month. We would have notified you when you reached 8GB to give you an opportunity to avoid these restrictions, however, you had exceeded 10GB before our alert email was triggered.

It wouldn’t be funny if I hadn’t left that particular ISP (Force9) more than a month ago.


An impressive piece of stunt riding from this year’s French 125cc Motorbike GP.


Courtesy of my mate Christos, a new word for your dictionaries:

Spazzflags: “The flags that retards have flying out of their car windows”.

On Sony MP3 players…

A friend recently bought one of these.
Sony NW-A3000

I’ll agree, it’s a really sexy bit of kit, and it does actually perform reasonably well as an MP3 player, but getting some music on there is a chore, to say the least, due to Sony’s “Connect Player” software. The version that was available a month or two ago when my mate first got his player was slow (2 minute start-up times), crashed regularly, and only was only vaguely functional. They updated it a few weeks back, and although it’s better, it’s still a long way away from being a piece of software I’d want to use.

What I don’t understand is why manufacturers continue to attempt to reinvent the wheel. All modern OS’s come with a built-in method of getting MP3’s and other data on and off UMS devices, but yet they still try to complicate things with stupid software and restrictive practices. What I want to be able to do it drag a selection of albums, in their nicely organised folder structure, off my hard disk onto my player, and then select an album or an artist, or a selection of different tracks to listen to. I definitely don’t need features like Sony’s “Artist Link”, even if it did work properly.

Maybe I’m just jealous though, the NW-A3000 really is lovely, once you fill it up with tunes.

And to prove whether I can attach images…

Here’s a picture of the house across the road.


Just to prove I can do it

I’m posting this from my mobile phone. 🙂

And now for something completely different…

A talking Ginster’s pasty!

And just to totally bore you…

Here‘s a link to a load of photos of us boys riding over some bumps.