I got sent this in an e-mail today, claiming that it was a picture of the car from the new Knightrider film.

It’s quite obviously a Koenigsegg CCX, since it’s basically a badly Photoshopped version of the first link you get by Google Image Searching for said car. And that got me thinking about what car they would use as the new Knightrider. My first thought was that it would either be a concept car or even specifically designed for the film, but then I got looking for an actual roadcar that they could use. I figured I should probably stick with Pontiac, since at least two of the other Knightriders have been Pontiacs, and then I looked at the sporty two seaters that they make. This pretty much left me with a 2006 Pontiac Solstice.

10 minutes of Potatochoppery later, and I had this:
KITT 2007

Sadly, I’m actually quite pleased with it.

So, I borrowed a video camera.

But it’s not just any video camera, it’s miniature, and shock proof. I won’t bore you with the technical specs, you can read all about it here.

Naturally, the reason I wanted to borrow it was to get some footage of mountain biking, which I did:

It’s not great (but at £70, I didn’t expect broadcast quality), and it’s quite weird how it seems to flatten everything off (some of the drops on the video are actually quite large but look tiny), but it’s a start. I think I need to work on mounting it better, and trying to move my head less. I also need to do it when there’s a bit more daylight around, but since it’s 32+ celcius (and humid) during the day here at the moment, that’ll have to wait.

An Ostrich egg in a microwave.

Can’t really say much more about this. It’s an Ostrich egg in a microwave, with spectacular results.

More on the silly Wimbledon uniforms…

However silly they look from the front, it seems like the Wimbledon line-judges are quite likely to look much sillier from the back, according to various news sources.

So, Wimbledon’s choice to use an outside (foreign) company for the first time in their long history has resulted in them becoming a bit of a laughing stock, not only because the clothes look daft (it’s been suggested that they could double up as Butlins uniforms), but because the clothes fall to bits after a few minutes of normal use.

I’m pretty sure they’d have done better to run a competition for UK Art and Design colleges to create and manufacture a new uniform, rather than pay an alleged $10 million dollars to an American company for shoddy products.